A laugh with Bezos

Mr Jeff Bezos is a living proof of the importance of humility, simplicity, sense of humor, perseverance and, as he said, luck for being a successful entrepreneur.

As he said “startups need planetary alignment because there are so many things that can go wrong!.  I guess that is just humility and sense of humor, it takes an hell of an idea to be Bezos.

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Mapping the future of education technology

Mapping the future of education technology

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What a true changer and a great mind thinks about education.

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just to reinforce the dream a bit!

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Startup Book Club

MUST read for startups!
Personal favorite: the biography of Steve Jobs, now reading “The Lean Startup”!

Yet another application

For a student the verb “to apply” is a must.
We apply as much as we get an hangover.

We have to:
APPLY to multiple universities
APPLY to scholarship
APPLY to specialization
APPLY to summer internships
APPLY to house deductions
APPLY to student residences

Today, together with my team, I have just completed the best application I have ever done: an accelerator program in San Francisco designed for tech education startup! 


Finger crossed! 

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A good feeling

One of the best feeling you have when you start pitching your idea is when at the end of it you have people telling to you:

I would love to have something like that. Hurry up, make it real! 

It just put a big BIG smile upon your face! 

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Jobs. The trailer

Every startupper has been influenced in some way by Apple Computer and its creator Steve Jobs.

A movie is coming out in August to celebrate the Cupertino visionary. Dilemma: watch it or not?

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Still alive

Being on a new project means having a lot of things to do, but it does not mean I don’t have time to write about our story! 

Since the last update so many things happened. We started spreading our idea around some universities in UK: King’s College, Birmingham and Bristol. We are having a lot of positive feedbacks and some professor are engaging in our project! 

The feeling of having somebody that listen to your idea and get involved into it is really amazing. We are working on so many things together: finding a graphic designer, building a brand identity, engaging people in the project, designing the social elements of the website not to forget sleeping, eating and breathing!

I also have a personal news: next year I will be part of a master in entrepreneurship in Paris where I hope I will meet a lot of people who I AM SURE they will love my start-up!

Coming soon: the worst and the best things about being a start-upper! 
stay tuned! 


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